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After a decade of working with global brands and established partners, Hellbent is fulfilling a longtime dream of developing a new IP-- a multiplayer action game that takes us back to our roots-- and the studio's inception. Founder Christopher Mair has worked on some of the world's biggest action games including Counter Strike and Team Fortress Classic.

We are now in the process of growing our talented team to build a high calibre action game, and we want to hear from you. Learn more about our studio below. Don't see an opportunity that fits your skills but love the sound of what we're building? Send us your credentials!

(Stop) Collaborate & Listen.

With a small team, it is important that everyone involved comes to the table with an open mind and a strong work ethic. By staying small, we are extremely efficient. You won't find a lot of red tape, politics or scheduled meetings here-- because we're all right next to each other in a group, discussing ideas, checking in and problem solving as often as necessary. We welcome diverse voices and backgrounds and think its the best way to ensure innovation and a broad audience for our games.

Autonomy & Accountability

Hellbent has been around for over a decade and we didn't last this long without learning a thing or two about creativity and flexibility with our time. Many of us have family commitments and busy, full lives outside of work. Every team member is accountable for their work but we are all about working smarter, not harder. Talk to us about the best fit for your lifestyle that will keep you happy, healthy, and delivering your best work.

Share Ideas. Hone Your Craft.

Just because we're small, doesn't mean we're limited. Our team likes to try on and wear a variety of hats, all in the name of making a better game. At Hellbent, there is plenty of room to grow and learn from others, across disciplines and projects. If you're looking to challenge yourself, you're free to jump in and try your hand at something outside your comfort zone. We want you to feel challenged and excited by your work-- there is plenty of opportunity to put your mark on our latest project.

Never Miss a Deadline

We are proud to say that we've never missed a deadline. To some that might sound like we push ourselves into long stretches of overtime. In reality, we do our best to minimize long hours, preferring short sprints and plenty of check ins to ensure our projects are well tracked and ready to deliver. We truly are "bound & determined" as our company name suggests-- but not at the cost of health and happiness.

Flexible Hours

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Senior Online Product Services Engineer

This job involves development and maintenance of services and infrastructure for online gaming such as player progression, cloud saves, account management, logins, friend requests, party and guild systems, voice chat, profile statistics and online database backup and recovery.

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